Monday, 29 August 2011

The Day of the Diesels "leak"

A few days ago, US cable network PBS Sprout aired Day of the Diesels.  Later, a YouTube user called UnknownThomasFan1 uploaded the special onto the video sharing website.  While a lot of users (including myself if I'm honest) were very happy to see it, a few people were not sharing the same sentiments and informed HIT Entertainment about the leak and it was duly removed earlier today.

While I am glad this whole issue has come to an end, I am not happy that it's shown how grouchy some Thomas fans are.  I agree that leaks are very unfortunate, but this has NOTHING to do with DVD release dates or DVD sales.  If it was, HIT wouldn't release it on TV or cinema in the first place!  It's something called "advertising" and it has worked for them for the past 3 films, all of which breaking HIT's DVD sales records.  And I believe that this year would be no different, DESPITE THE "LEAK"!  Those who got uppity about it should take a chill pill.  The same was said about the new Railway Series book.  It was posted on YouTube multiple times (once by me) and its sales have still been solid!

An for those saying it would have ruined it for others need a reality check.  Just because it's been uploaded online DOESN'T MEAN PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH IT!  People have the CHOICE to watch it, and if watching it ruins the film for them, then they only have themselves to blame for not having any self control!

I HAVE watched it.  I think it's superb and a review will be posted when the DVD and blu-ray are released in the UK.  But the thing is it HASN'T ruined ANYTHING for me.  If anything, it's made me more excited for the British version.

And to those who were involved with informing HIT about it, chillax, OK?  Yes, it's copyrighted material and yes, the film would ruin it for some, but
  1. if HIT are so bothered, they should find out about the upload themselves
  2. LOADS of copyrighted material's uploaded on YouTube
  3. People should have the CHOICE to watch it rather than having it taken away
  5. (and most importantly) STOP BACKSEAT MODERATING FOR HIT!!  You don't work for them, so stop acting as though you do!
Thank you...


  1. Well said, my friend. People seemed to have gotten way too mad about it, and it looks like there is nothing we can do. Oh well, wait until someone releases Season 16 the day before it's supposed to air. XD

  2. XD, yeah. Series 15 was uploaded months before it was shown on American TV and no one batted an eyelid. Honestly, I just think too much has been made of it. If it was a cinema recording then I'd understand as it's just plain illegal. But it was a TV recording, and while it still belongs to HIT, it shouldn't have been as big of an issue as it became as S15 was recorded from TV

  3. Oh yeah, a minor correction. PBS Sprout isn't exactly a cable network. It's actually a digital sub-channel you can get if you have PBS by using an antenna. It's practically free.

  4. I agree 100%. If you don't approve of something don't watch it is what I say. Like you said, putting it on YT is no more damaging to sales than airing it on TV.