Wednesday, 17 August 2011

HIT Bashers

They are the bain of the Thomas fanbase,  spreading their negativity around 24/7 about HIT Entertainment.  Yes, I'm talking about HIT bashers.  They may seem to be a nightmare, but shockingly they aren't.  They DO bring up SOME good points.

Over the years, the television series HAS changed a heck of a lot, with the introduction of CGI and the new writing style which, frankly, is getting on EVERYONE'S nerves.  Seriously, if you've seen one CGI episode, you've pretty much seen them all.  That's how bad the formulaeic plots have become.  And while these people do have a right to air their grievances, they're doing so in the wrong way.

They are constantly calling them sHIT Entertainment, and someone has called them HITler.  How they can have the nerve to say that when they've had NO CONTACT with HIT's staff is very disappointing.  They are just making themselves look very pathetic and very immature.  There ARE ways to say there are issues with the series, but attacking the company verbally like that won't solve anything.  Besides, HIT Entertainment commision ALL the merchandise, including:
  • Hornby
  • Bachmann
  • Take-n-Play
  • Trackmaster
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Games
And, yes, they commissioned Bachmann Donald, Douglas and Diesel.  So before HIT bashers start with the anti-HIT propaganda, think on...

As for the stories not being based on Railway Series stories (except maybe Tickled Pink), you can't blame THAT on HIT either.  Britt Allcroft was the person who bought the television rights from the Awdrys.  That means that because of what she did, HIT aren't legally required to base their episodes on Railway Series stories, even if we want them to.

The BIGGEST qualm people have is with the CGI change.  Yes, it wasn't the most popular decision, but the simple fact is this: we are no longer living in a world that revolves around what's popular.  We are living in a world based on money, and that's the whole world, not just HIT.  Sadly, Thomas and Friends is no longer a television series based on a seies of books for a young, sick child.  It is a brand, and its main purpose is to make money (hence the new characters, despite their pointlessness).  If the brand doesn't make money, it will be cancelled

So a message to HIT bashers, if you want to send a CLEAR message that you don't like the series, here's a simple solution: don't watch and don't buy their merchandise.  If you don't, HIT will realise that there is a problem and they would want to do anything to sort it out.  That, or just simply email a HIT Entertainment representative airing your issues.  Trust me, they won't shout at you if you have GENUINE concerns, but as I say, just going around calling the company every name under the sun isn't helping anyone, so please stop it.


  1. People should realize this. Calling them names isn't going to accomplish anything. Hate them all you want, but don't contradict yourself by buying the merchandise as you've pointed out.

    I myself don't like the plots HiT has formulated Series Nine onwards. So what did I do? I stopped watching it, instead of complaining about it. It doesn't make any sense to watch it only to complain.

    I can see why HiT has gone with this route though. It is still a very intriguing show for the target audience. It may not be the Railway Series as we would like it to be, but it certainly grasps the minds of the target audience. I may not like them, but my younger brother does. Which is what earns them even more money, as they don't have to work so hard to bust out 20 episodes.

    I have watched a couple episodes from the CGI Series. I actually like the transition to CGI. I like the models way more, but the CGI isn't bad in any way. I think it's opened up a bunch of new possibilities for the series. If HiT would up the plot quality a bit, I might actually enjoy the show again. Probably the best leverage CGI has over models, is the fact the Narrow Gauge Engines won't be limited to just Thomas and James anymore.

    All in all I think the way HiT is moving with the series is great for the Target audience. However, it still could use some improvement, and hopefully, it'll get back to being the way it was before. Maybe not exactly, but at least to a close level. I couldn't agree more with this.

  2. 'HiTler'?...
    Haha, that's a new one.
    I remember about a year or so ago when people were still blaming HiT. Then they all discovered the writers were to blame, and everyone just went all out on them, especially Miller. And while I agree the writing is pretty bad, they really don't deserve the constant bashing that they get.

  3. I think toby070 came up with that one. I doubt he'd be saying that though if he lived through the years of the REAL Hitler.

    A lot of fans criticise the writing, the repitition, rhyming etc., but if it's enjoyed by the target audience, all of our objections are completely irrelevant.

  4. It isn't really the writers that is the problem, it is more of the writing style. I don't know quite who comes up with the style, but until we know who don't blame Miller, she isn't the only one who writes like this, every writer does. Instead of insulting the style, we insulted one specific writer driving her away, which might have been the wrong thing to do.

  5. Point noted, but she WAS the head writer, and while there may've been a "higher power", she was the person who checked through the scripts before submission, hence why she got most of the blame. Also, it wasn't just in the CGI series she used the three strikes formula, she used it since Series 9, it's just now that it was used so much that it's come to everyone's attention

  6. "You're not going to change the world by shouting at it" (Or ranting at it, in this case). That quote needs to get inside the HITBashers' heads!