Monday, 25 June 2018

“Fan” Reaches New Low

For fuck sake...

It feels like this fanbase is intentionally trying to reach new lows at this point. This time, some utter twat (whose grasp of the English language is as poor as this... “decision” of his) thought it’s be a great idea to say this:

Now, normally, I’d pay this no heed. Another defensive fan acting defensively when something he hates is brought up in conversation. That’s nothing new for this fanbase. Hell, some fans indulge in it for the attention.

No, I bring this up because this particular cretin went after a child. A child who just so happened to like Big World, Big Adventures!.

Yes. You read that right. A child enjoying clips from a preschool show got a verbal lashing from an “adult”. I mean... what do you even say to that? Whether you like what you’ve seen from BWBA or not, the utter madness that has come from this fanbase has been fucking ludicrous. From the racist and sexist Nicole Williams to the death threat towards Peter Andre to... this.

Whatever you think of BWBA, I’ve gone beyond caring at this point. If you think behaviour like this is acceptable, stay well away from me and this blog. Frankly, your sycophantic behaviour is not welcome here. Nor is the behaviour you’re trying to defend.

Especially adults bullying kids. You have to be a special kind of arsehole to indulge in that behaviour.


  1. Well there are hard-cold fans who for some reason are being bullies to kids who are new to the fanbase.

    1. Because they’re gatekeeping arseholes who believe the show revolves around them. Seasons 17-20 were the catalyst of this behaviour due to all the fan service.