Friday, 21 July 2017

Fuck This Fanbase

OK, I'm done holding back. If you don't like swearing, or you're a child inexplicably reading this, go now. This is the third time I've put this ridiculous fanbase on blast in as many posts, and I'm no longer holding back. Don't worry though, as this will also be the last post of its kind as I'm considering blocking every fan that either bitches about things they know little about or are just causing shit because they think they can.

So, the context: Mattel are tweaking the Wooden Railway range by shrinking the faces a tad. That's it. But some malignant, cancerous fans thought it a great idea, because they can't accept any sort of change whatsoever, to risk breaking the law and damage Mattel's credibility by, let's be honest here, making shit up for their own selfish ends.

TheWorlofSodor1 (who has an ego the size of Jupiter and Saturn combined) released a picture of the "latest release" to the Wooden Railway line:

Now, if other fanbases (you know, ones that are mentally stable and don't throw their toys out of the pram whenever they don't get what they want, despite not being the target audience) saw this toy, and that Journey Beyond Sodor logo, they'd be coming up with thoughts and theories as to how it would tie in to the film and start some really interesting discussions. That or, you know, thinking the thing was a fucking fake...

But this is the Thomas fanbase, and they handle discussions as well as a bull handles a china shop.... So they went around lambasting Mattel in every way they could solely because the toys they were making weren't being made for them when, and I'm going to keep saying this until it actually breaches your fucking skulls, this franchise is aimed at children physically aged between two and five, not those children who are mentally aged between two and five!!

But things don't end there. As it turns out, this whole thing was a pathetic publicity stunt by a guy who "just got bored":
First off, if I ever get bored, I try and do something productive: go out for a bit, play on the PS4 (Stormy Ascent has just been released as DLC for the N Sane Trilogy and it's great), maybe meet up with friends. What I don't do is risk a criminal record to make a spiteful, pathetic point. Are fans really that fucking stupid to think that Mattel would let a toy release without all the major details in? They must be since they believed this shit!

Secondly, fuck off with your "we care" bullshit. If you cunts actually cared, you'd take a more "wait and see" approach. Or, maybe, you'd gauge the reaction of the actual target audience than cause a shit show to make this all about you and your feelings. But no, slander by way of false information is a much better alternative.

Just imagine what every voice actor and creator would think watching you arseholes try and desecrate something you say you "love and care about". They'd be fucking ashamed of being a part of this creation, and you should be ashamed of trying to destroy it... if you actually felt any. Your petty, vindictive attitude towards change is fucking disgusting, and I'm so glad that I no longer associate myself with you... (except the decent ones I speak to regularly. I feel bad that those twats are making you look bad).

I have no real point to end on, so I'll just repeat the title of this post: fuck the Thomas fanbase, I hope it rots.