Friday, 1 May 2015

The Adventure Begins UK Release

Now that I've tackled two issues that were requested for, I'm now going to tackle something that personally annoys me. I know this may make me sound petty, but I hope you can understand why I feel this way.

The Adventure Begins was released as a Walmart exclusive in the United States in March, and it was received with huge acclaim from fans (except those whose who aren't happy with anything unless it was from the original era). As for the UK though? July 27th. In all fairness, the trailer released on the Dinos and Discoveries DVD in January never specified when it would be released, but the fact there was a trailer released in the first place annoys me. It's like dangling a carrot in front of someone.

Now before anyone says anything, I don't mind waiting for DVDs usually. The recent episodic releases usually reach British stores any time between a month and a year after the US release, but by then all of the episodes have aired on TV here, so we don't miss out on much. Meanwhile, the releases do have extra content to soften the blow a bit.

Yearly specials are usually released a month apart which, while not ideal for everyone, it's still a relatively short wait. But to wait 4 and a half months?! That's extremely testing, especially since hype is currently building for Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure! So by the time it's actually released, some fans may not be that bothered (although they'll still buy it because it's an excellent production).

Yes, I say it is entertaining, rather than "could be", because I've already seen the American version. And that's what it all comes down to: waits this long encourage piracy, the one thing that Hollywood fears the most. It's really sad.

But the thing is I don't blame HiT for all of it; SiF have said that they've said the special is ready to be released and they wanted it to be released much sooner than Asda announced.

In all honesty, I put it down to poor marketing departments from either side (Asda's most though), which is weird as you'd have thought that, since Asda is owned by Walmart, they'd be able to arrange this release as efficiently as their American counterpart.

If HiT are wanting specials like these to sell well, fine. But if they decide to do this again in the future, they're going to have to be a bit more firm with negotiations. They obviously care about fans (this special wouldn't exist otherwise), but their marketing team need to show it as much as the TV series team.

As for Asda? Well they should take lessons from Walmart and pull their heads out of wherever they're lodged. It's unacceptable that the country that Thomas used to call home has no choice but to play second fiddle, due to whatever red tape is in place, for a special that's meant to be celebrating the franchise's 70th anniversary!

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