Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Alright, I didn't really want to do this, but this recent wave of butthurt users concerning SIF's actions over the Wikia Answers filth made me think enough is enough.  It's time for someone to actually speak out over this.  And who better than me?  Not to toot my own horn you must understand..!

In September 2005, I joined the world wide web.  It was all pretty new to me back then so I had no idea what YouTube or SIF were, and I didn't know that there were many (grown up) people that liked Thomas and Friends.  I joined YouTube in 2006 and have spent 5 years (on many different accounts :P) on there.  And a lot of issues on there are the amount of trolls on there and the impact that SIF has on the fanbase.  For three years, I was at loggerheads with Ryan for one reason: I was influenced by the YouTube Thomas fans.

When I realised that what I was doing was counterproductive and immature, I tried to reconcile with him, and he gladly obliged.  Once it was settled, I asked to join SIF, to which he accepted.  I was surprised at this.  A lot of heated things were said and he just put that all aside to allow me a spot on the biggest Thomas forum on the internet.  From that day onward, I have respected Ryan and SIF to the utmost.

Then, I see on YouTube people moaning and bitching that they got kicked out of SIF.  To them, I say this: you probably deserved it.  SIF is run like clockwork.  The owners do not ask for much, only that you treat each member of the forum the same way you wish to be treated, and swearing and namecalling is not tolerated.  We are talking about a children's show here people.  A CHILDREN'S show.  Grown ups should act like role model to kids, and that doesn't mean swearing on videos that are aimed at them, or swearing at other people!  I know I'm not the best advocate for this, as I've been known to swear like a sailor.  But I KNOW that it's wrong and I am doing my best to not do it anymore, and being on SIF is helping immensely.  The members aren't doing anything personally, but their rules remind me that there are other things that can be said rather than just constant swear words.

There's another thing that I like about SIF, and it's something I mentioned earlier: respect.  If people are treated with respect, they will get that respect in return.  The only reason Ryan responds to him the way he does is because they constantly run his name through the mud and, to be honest I'm sick of it.  If YOUR name was dragged through the mud in the same fashion as you lot do with Ryan's, I bet you'd act the same wat as he did.  And if you say otherwise you're just lying to yourselves.  From what I know, Ryan has a full time career.  To do that, and run a succesful fansite, an even more successful forum AND a blog, not to mention everything else he does, definately deserves respect.

Not only that though, I feel SAFE on SIF.  I don't have to worry about trolls and bullies like I do on Blogger, YouTube, DeviantART or the Thomas Wikia Answers, because I know that SIF is run properly and they will not tolerate bullying, threatening or disgusting behaviour.  And that gets a round of applause from me.  I love Thomas and Friends, and to have a safe haven to talk about something I love is something of a godsend.

As for what they said about that Answers page, I applaud them for that too.  The messages on there are absolutely disgusting and downright abhorant.  There is no place for filth like that, ESPECIALLY when children are concerned!  They didn't want to run the Answers page, they wanted to bring the problems that page has to the forefront of the administrators of that page.  And it worked, as the admin are acting on questions that promote bullying, or anything that doesn't concern Thomas and Friends.

Overall, if the entire internet, especially YouTube, was run as well as Sodor Island Forums is, the internet would be a much safer place to interact.  And those who have a problem with it have probably been able to get away with a lot of things in their lives because they've had no proper discipline.  You have to learn that life is not like modern day Thomas and Friends, every action has a consequence.  If you do something positive, you get something good in return.  If not, you get negative consequences.  SIF doesn't ruin anything for anyone.  They just have the intelligence to realise that a lot of Thomas and Friends sites need to be run better than they are doing!


  1. The filth that was found on the Answers wiki had the same IP address as an SiF member, although the SiF member is maturely trying to find proof that he wasn't the one that did it. I know he would never do it, and when he was suspended on the forums, he quietly and calmly posted on Youtube about it. He's a nice guy, and I really hope something gets resolved. But yeah, I do agree that people get so worked up whenever SiF ban them. 99% of them deserve it. I'll be quite honest, I somewhat deserved my first banning. 5 years later, I politely joined back on with a much more mature attitude.

  2. To be honest, I don't think he has a case to answer. If it's his IP address, he must have done it. That or someone used his computer and he got the blame. Either way, that Answers page is a mess that is, gladly, now being sorted out. I just hope that everything ends amicably and some resolution is formed.

  3. Ryan's name has been dragged through the mud because some people believe he's done a poor job at leading. When SiF was smaller, he did fine, but over the last year or so, it's become much larger, and Ryan seems to lack the skills to be the head of it.
    Not only that, but SiF makes a huge deal regarding copyright over small things, and at the same time, proving to be total hypocrites. Even if they ARE supported by HiT in a way, Thomas & Friends is still a copyrighted product, so they shouldn't being trying to call the shots when it comes to things like Documentaries or putting their watermark on everything.

    I personally don't hate SiF itself, just the way it's run. IN MY OPINION, Ryan doesn't have what it takes. If someone like TheKipperRunsAgain or Ciremi where to run it, I think it'd be much better off, that and if they would stop making such a fuss over copyright.

  4. Chris, your words here are absolutely brilliant here, and I really appreciate your praise for what it's worth. I'm glad you're enjoying your time on SiF - and sorry it took you so long to join up after believing the YouTube 'hype', which you're currently seeing right through.

  5. Yes Fatthatt because you know exactly what it takes to run a cohesive and amicable environment don't you.... ¬_¬

    Seriously your own behaviour has proven to be as disruptive as you claim SiF's to be. And for the love of god will you actually learn a thing or two about copyright before trying decide whether people are right or not to complain about it?

    All I see are generic complaints for the sake of getting attention, no actual examples. Typical marker of someone bitter to have lost their account. Ryan is the most capable person I know for such a job, and until you've done something other than sit and bitch and moan at others for your own attention seeking gains, you won't truly understand that.

  6. ...Uh, did I ever say I have what it takes? Hell, I think it's safe to say I can't run anything worth crap. Even I know that.

    And oh noes, I lost mai account so I iz gonna diss SiF now cuz im butthurt.

    Nah, I started to diss SiF, THEN lost my account, and continued to do so.

    You know what? Even I'm tired of doing this now. Me and SiF just don't work well together, and I'm gonna leave it at that. SiF, as I've heard about it in the last few weeks, is getting better, and honestly, I don't think I should take this argument any further less I do something even more stupid then I have.

    SiF, I'm not asking for forgiveness here. Hell, I know that's past ever happening. I just want you guys to know I'm sorry for the huge arguments I've caused, and I'll be sure to stay out of your way.

  7. Well said, Chris mah boi. :P I treat SiF with great respect, and I'm ashamed to see that such people troll them like hell. You know, like somebody else here... ¬_¬

    Like I said before, I agreed with everything you said here. Most people actually DID deserve to get their butts kicked off the site.

    Well, that's my opinion.


  8. UTF is not one who would EVER post comments like that about Simon, and I can promise that. Even though his case may not get through, he's a very, very honest person. I wish people just wouldn't accuse him too easy. I know Ryan was one of the few who didn't accuse him, although I do wish he didn't make a public announcement about it. It should have just been a private case and they can politely discuss it together. I do hope UTF gets back, because he doesn't deserve this. I know it was not him. Just assuming that it's his IP address = Him makes him the bad guy all along gets really annoying.

  9. Chris, I'm grateful to see this because it pretty much highlights the one thing the whole staff is agreed on: SiF is, and always will be, a safe location to come and discuss the series and the fandom in general.

    I do laugh at the amount of ridiculous suggestions that Ryan isn't up to the job - nothing could be further from the truth.

    As well as looking after 1700+ plus members on a forum, a fansite, a blog, a youtube channel, his job, his dog, family, and even in times of need, his friends (and lord knows, I am very grateful and proud to be a friend of Ryan's - he always has your back when you need help the most).

    I'll say this for nowt - reading back through the comments of the last few weeks, the one thing abundantly clear to me is that Wikia itself - not just the Thomas section - needs to moderate comments through spam filters. There is simply too much of it for any one person to handle.

  10. I was not happy to be banned. but, this is different. I was banned before I even got on to the forum.
    I would have liked it if they had given me a chance!

    1. Have you asked anyone from SiF why that's the case? They'd explain their position to you if you do.